2017-11-08, 24-hour Posture Management; An Introduction 11.8.17

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Lee Ann Hoffman, O.T., MSc. Rehabilitation: Posture Management will present. The 24-hour Posture Management approach addresses positioning in all the postures available to an individual over the 24-hour period of a day. Evidence shows that gravity plays a role in causing asymmetry. If there is no positioning intervention in lying, and an individual is left unsupported, gravity will continue to act on the body and vulnerable sites resulting in distortions and asymmetries. Asymmetry, along with other secondary complications resulting from poor positioning, contribute to the development of established harmful postures, in addition to reduced quality of life for the individual.

With all the day time intervention undertaken in sitting and standing, it seems inconceivable that posture management is not provided in the lying orientation, allowing gravity to undo all the hard work and therapeutic positioning achieved throughout the day. Time spent outside the supportive environments of the seating and standing orientations have the potential to either be therapeutic or destructive.

Learning Outcomes:
The participant will be able to list three postural orientations of 24 hour posture management.
The participant will be able to state three aims of 24 hour posture management.
The participant will be able to list 5 application principles of building a stable posture in lying and sitting.

Lee Ann qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1999 in South Africa. She completed a post graduate certificate in Posture Management for complex disabilities in 2010, and obtained a Master of Science degree in Rehabilitation: Posture Management, 2015 in the United Kingdom. Lee Ann has experience in working with children and adults with complex disabilities, and adopts the 24-hour approach to postural management. She is a clinical educator for Invacare USA.